Professional services for which the firm is duly registered by the appropriate bodies include:

Assessment Valuation

Preparations of inventory, assets register and valuation of all types of landed properties, plants, machinery, fixture,  fittings and other chattel for varying purposes.

Assessment of Compensation

Assessment of compensation claims of demised sites, right of way/way leave.

Estate Agency and Property Management

Acting as agent in the procurement of landed properties and or other categories of asset for the purpose of leasing or outright purchase by lessees or buyer.

Acting as agents to landed property owners or owners of other categories of assets in the letting, management or outright sale or such assets.

Real Estate Development

Active involvement in the development of real estate for either leasing or outright sale to target clients.

Procurement of Real Estate Development Finance

The firm procures real estate development finance from financial institutions for real estate developers.

Feasibility and Visibility Studies

Preparation of “Possibility and Profitability” analysis for new and ongoing projects.